Pixie Bundle Plugin – Fabulous Divi UI Kits And Layouts

Product Description

The Pixie Bundle contains:

  • Full web design UI Kit
  • The Pixie Assistant Plugin
  • Divi Page Layout Packs
  • Fully Editable PSDs
  • Json Files

Bonus pack of Business Tools

With the Pixie Bundle the question we asked ourselves was: ‘What would a web designer find really useful?’. What would make a web designer’s life easier and how can Divi Den help a designer work more efficiently and be more profitable?

We looked at what a client might ask a web designer to deliver on. Divi Den’s creative director reflected on her 20 years experience as a web and print designer and compiled a list of items a client with a brand new business might ask for from a web designer.

From icons to business cards, to powerpoint presentations, not forgetting creative briefs and design contracts as a starter the Pixie has 19 Business Tools designed and ready to use. Just drop in new copy and images where applicable and you are ready to go. Please note the content provided on such items as the Creative Brief is meant as a suggestion. You may wish to replace parts or all with your own.

For a client’s web site the Pixie Bundle has 93 Divi UI modules to mix and match into new websites. Added to this, and to truly make life easier, the Pixie Bundle has 21 fully designed and built page layouts. Every site needs content pages and after building many sites one tends to run out of fresh ideas on how to present a client’s business. It’s easy to use the Pixie Bundle’s page layouts. Replace the words and images and you are ready to go. Couldn’t be easier and such a huge help to speed up a web designers work.

As a further bonus, the Pixie Bundle comes with 120 social media graphics in the correct sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. And last but definitely not least, 110 icons in psd/svg/png to use wherever you need them.

All Divi UI Modules and Layouts are contained in the Pixie Assistant Plugin. It’s so easy to install and use. As always there are a bunch of videos to help you get the most out of your Divi Den product.

Here Is The Complete Pixie Bundle Product List:

Divi Layout Packs (UI Kits)

  • 93 modules which are:
  • 3 Blog Modules
  • 12 Blurb Modules
  • 3 Call to Action Modules
  • 3 Contact Forms Modules
  • 26 Content Modules
  • 3 eMail Optin Modules
  • 6 Footer Modules
  • 10 Header Modules
  • 5 Number Counter Modules
  • 7 Person Modules
  • 3 Pricing Tables Modules
  • 1 Value Tabs
  • 9 Testimonial Modules
  • 2 Filterable Portfolio Module
  • Pre-built Page Pack
  • 20 Divi page layouts


19 Business Tools

  • 5 letterhead templates (MS Word Doc)
  • 4 business card designs – (PSD)
  • 1 branding mockup – (PSD)
  • 1 powerpoint – 36 Slides – (MS Word Doc)
  • 2 creative brief templates. 1 x logo and 1x website – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 proposal template – 10 pages – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 sitemap template – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 invoice template – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 web design contract – (MS Word Doc)
  • 1 quote template – (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
  • 2 pre-development web design checklists – (MS Word Doc)
  • Social media sharing templates. See breakdown below.
  • 30 Facebook card templates – (PSD)
  • 30 Instagram card templates – (PSD)
  • 30 Pinterest card templates – (PSD)
  • 30 Twitter card templates – (PSD)
  • Icons – 105 custom made icons – (PSD/SVG/PNG)

For the Designers

Use any of the Pixie’s units for any project you might work on. The content is purely there to show you what can be done. Using your own content will make any website you build with the Pixie Bundle look totally different.

If you are a Newbie at web design we would recommend you use our products as is just changing the content to suit your clients’ websites. Do not try and cut and paste different elements together.

If you are experienced? Go mad!

Customising The Units of the Divi Blog Module Layout Pack

Divi Den’s Layout Packs are fully customisable. You are able to change the copy. Use a favourite font to fit in with your design, change the colours and of course any icons and replace the images. Stamp your own design style on any of the Divi UI Kits or Page Layouts in the Pixie Bundle. In fact, you can customise all of the modules in the Divi Den Bundles.

All Divi Den’s UI Kits and Layouts are Responsive. Mobile friendly and tablet friendly.


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