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Mermaid Bundle | Divi Theme And Elementor Marketplace

Mermaid Bundle

Product Description

The Mermaid Bundle

Following on the huge success of the Unicorn Bundle, we are pleased to offer a new Bundle of Divi UI Kits and some fun Bits to go with it. Have a look at this awesome list of Modules! And then check the Demo site to review every design included in our next issue of great designs. A useful product bundle to make your life as a web designer so much easier. And profitable!

Mermaid Assistant Plugin – Fast and Easy Installation

To get started, just install the Mermaid Assistant Plugin and import the library. Use the awesome library previews function to find your chosen module or page layout. Start building pages faster than ever before.

Automatic Updates  – Get plugin updates directly to your dashboard. Get mermaid bundle updates as they roll out. No need to manually download and install theme files anymore.

Automatic Css & Script Integration – The Assistant plugin automatically adds all required CSS and script code for styles and animations. No need to add it manually.

Improved Custom Css Changes – 90% of style updates can be made in the module settings. For the other 10% there is one file that contains all Css rules. Clearly commented and easy to match. Simply find the Css rule. Change the colour and copy paste it to the custom css box and you are set. Check the tutorial videos for each module to see what you can change.

Use with Divi or any Divi Child Theme – The Mermaid Assistant Plugin integrates neatly with Divi and Any Divi Child Theme.

Can I use the Unicorn and Mermaid Plugin Together? – Absolutely yes!  This is exactly why we made the Mermaid into plugin. So you don’t have to mix two child themes together. The plugin handles all of that. Just install and start building!

Detailed Tutorial Videos – 46 and counting..

This time we made the videos a bit shorter and still packed with info. You can see the playlist here.
We also have a public google doc, that lists all the modules and matching videos to make it easier for you.
View the google doc tutorial list.

Here is the list of 57 Products contained in the Mermaid Bundle

  • 9 Animated Blurbs
  • 5 Person Modules
  • 4 Contact Forms
  • 14 Content Layouts
  • 5 Blog Modules
  • 3 Divi Sliders
  • 2 Divi Masks
  • 3 Divi List Styles
  • 12 Divi Page Layouts

Extra Fun Bits

16 Divi Buttons with Hover Effects

Why would you want these

The Mermaid Bundle offers web designers a range of products that in combination or individually make the design and build of websites so much quicker. Using Divi Den’s product Bundles such as the Mermaid allows web designers to save money by being able to build websites more quickly.

For the Designers

All modules are in the Mermaid Bundle have been designed with the needs of a web designer in mind. The focus is on modules that are used in almost all web sites. These include blogs, contact forms, content pages, person modules and more.

Some of the kits contained in the Mermaid Bundle are also available separately. Check the product list to see which ones these are. As usual the bundle will save you money.  No need to design and code your own elements when you can pick up this great selection of website components.


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