Divi Shop Extended Plugin 2.0

Product Description

Divi Shop Extended is a plugin developed by TantoMarketing that allows you to customise your e-Commerce using Divi Theme and Woocommerce.

Divi Shop Extended was created to facilitate you the styling process of your online store, and Divi Child themes created with Divi & Woocommerce. Moreover, the uniqueness of this TantoMarketing Plugin is that it includes 23+ custom Woocommerce Modules for Divi Builder, a custom shop module, and a shop settings panel that allow you to basically personalize every aspect of your e-commerce or Divi child themes.

Known Issue and Recommendations (See license section for more info)

Divi Shop Extended’s main features are:

Custom Shop Module:


  • Grid
  • Carousel
  • List


  • Background Hover Effect
  • Hover Shadow Effect
  • Circle Hover Effect
  • Hover Border Effect
  • Hover Effect with Direction Aware
  • Centered Hover Effect (Overlay)
  • Partial Hover Effect (Overlay)
  • Flip Hover Effect (With Overlay)
  • Flip Hover Effect (Complete)
  • Static Price
  • Grayscale Hover Effect
  • Square to Circle Hover Effect
  • Circle to Square Hover Effect 
  • Inside Out Animation Effect
  • Outside In Animation Effect

Loading Effects

  • Loading Effect 1
  • Loading Effect 2
  • Loading Effect 3
  • Loading Effect 4
  • Loading Effect 5
  • Loading Effect 6

And other Elements for  an unlimited number of options

  • Icons Alignments
  • Product Category Filter
  • Icon Colors
  • Overlay Color
  • Icon Border Radius
  • Product Background Color
  • Product Border Color
  • Product Content Position
  • Carousel Layout Features
  • The Add to Cart Button
  • Custom Font Style
  • Columns

15 Custom Woocommerce Product Page Modules:

1.- Wc Add to Cart Module
2.- Wc Image Product Module
3.- Wc Cart Notices Module
4.- Wc Related Product Module
5.- Wc Summary Module
6.- Wc Additional Information
7.- Wc Gallery Product Module
8.- Wc Price Module
9.- Wc Review Module
10.- Wc Title Module
11.- Wc Breadcrumb Module
12.- Wc Meta Module
13.- Wc Rating Module
14.- Wc Short Description Module
15.- Wc Upsell Module

4 Custom Woocommerce Cart Page Modules:

  • Wc Cart Page Title
  • Wc Cart Page Items
  • Wc Cart Page Notices
  • Wc Cart Page Total

4 Custom Woocommerce Checkout Page Modules:

  • Wc Checkout Page Title
  • Wc Checkout Page Details
  • Wc Checkout Page Payment Methods
  • Wc Checkout Page Notices

Divi Shop Settings Panel:

Personalizable Woocommerce Widgets

  • Product Widget
  • Recent Review Widget
  • Price Range Filter
  • Related Products
  • Top Rated Widget
  • Product Search Form
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Tags

Other Main Features

  • Override Options
  • Ajax Shopping Cart
  • 14 Sales Badge Designs
  • Shop Buttons

Known Issue:

1.- Currently, Divi Shop Extended is experiencing issues with its licence system. However, the plugin works perfectly without the licence; the licence itself is only for automatic updates, you can still update it manually by downloading the latest version directly from your account. At TantoMarketing, We are working hard to fix that issue ASAP. Also we are looking into other licence systems.


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