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Product Description

  • Content Intense is a comprehensive and full-featured Divi module designed to give you multiple layouts and styling options for your blog grids. It is built upon the native Blog module, so it is easy and familiar, but offers so much more. The video above describes the power of CI, but it now comes with 6 different professionally designed layouts styles. Each one exceedingly customizable.

    Content Intense will allow you to…

    • add categories to WordPress pages. This allows you to assign categories to pages and then pull pages by category into your Content Intense module. A powerful, exclusive feature you won’t find in other plugins.
    • list posts, pages or both in your grid.
    • include any categories from pages and/or posts.
    • (v1.3 update) sort excerpts by common WP post meta data fields – post ID, author, title, slug, post type, modified date, comment count and random. Either ascending or descending!
    • set the number of characters shown in your excerpts (instead of Divi’s default of 270) if a post does not have an included excerpt.
    • specify a custom meta data separator outside of the default “/” character, such as “~” or “|” or “in”… whatever meets your design needs, including words if you want to.
    • choose from 6 different professionally designed layout styles.
    • fully customize each layout in a multitude of ways.
    • show dates as a “time ago” format (“2 weeks ago”) instead of a calendar date.
    • change the “Read More…” link to any text you want.
    • set “Read More…” at left, center or right.
    • change the “Older Entries” and “Newer Entries” pagination links to any text you want.
    • style your “Read More” and pagination links as buttons or text. Or, just leave them out.
    • custom style your buttons.
    • gain access to even more Custom CSS fields in the Advanced tab.
    • keep your plugin current with automatic updates.


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